March 17, 2008

What really matters is how you take it?

Dubai Desert, originally uploaded by cocolinda.
( Geem / "ج" )

Once upon a time, a king imprisoned a mystic saint. The cell was so much small that the saint could not even stand straight and had always to be in a little prostrate position. His three disciples were always waiting out the other side of wall of the cell in order to receive some message or order to come from the wall closet. A stone was cast out of wall hallow and it fell outside on the ground. The tree men picked it and found only one alphabet "J" written on it.
The three people further interpreted it and took their own three separate meanings according to their own prudence.
According to the first man's interpretation: he took "J" for "Jila Watan" (in Persian means: Migration) , So later on he moved to the other country for preaching.
The second man took "J" as "Jabal". (in Arabic  means: Mountain). So, he went on the mountain and adopted asceticism.
But the third man took a very separate meaning. He took "J" for "Junoon" (in Persian means: Extreme Passion and madness). So he inflicted a self-imposed infatuation upon himself and became a mad.
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  1. Dear Tariq,
    Subhanallah!! Very Impressive post:)
    I wish you a blessed Milad-Un-Nabi Mubarak to you and your loved ones.
    May Allah guide you ,protect you and bless you and shower you with His unceasing Love :)
    I love the beautiful pictures in your blog and also your writings and thoughts which speaks directly to all our hearts!
    Keep Sparkling tariq:)
    Prayers and hugs for you!

  2. Thanks Krishna dear, you too Milad-Un-Nabi Mubarak. Thanks.

    Pictures, music and ideas combine with each other and create feelings and states as by-product

    In Sufism, "states" have also some space, but they give more importance to "sincerity with truth" and "practice" as compared to "states".

    I try my best. krisna dear, May Allah help us to seek Him.