March 16, 2008

Real Love, Right Love, Love of The Real

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Real Love, Right Love, Love of The Real

Do the right love.. O' heartbrokens

Give your heart to the Real One who does worth of it

and fills it with the fresh wine of love

Don't give it to ones who don't deserve it!

Why not you love The Real !


عاماں بے اخلاصاں اندر گل خاصاں دی کرنی
مٹھی کھیر پکا محمد (رح) کُتیاں اگے دھرنی

Aamaan bey akhlaasaan andar khaasaan di gal karni
mitthi kheer paka Muhammad, kutyaan aggey tharni

Telling the talks of special ones among the insincere commons,is like cooking the sweet, O' Muhammad Bukhsh!, and then serving it before dogs

- Mian Muhammad Bukhsh,
Punjabi Sufi Poetry

نیچاں دی اشنائی کولوں فیض کِسے نہیں پایا
کِکّر تے انگور چڑھایا، ہر گُچھا زخمایا

neechaaN di ashnaai koloN faiz kisay nahiN paya
kikkar te angoor chaRhaya, har guchha zakhmaya

No one got wisdom from the acquaintance of the mean people
as if the grape vine was raised over (thorny) acacia, and every bunch got wounded

- Mian Muhammad Bukhsh, Punjabi Sufi Poetry


کھیر پکائی جتن سے چرکھا دیہ جلا
آگیا کتا کھا گیا، تو بیٹھی ڈھول بجا

Kheer Pakaei Jatan se charkha deeya jala
aa gaya kutta khaa gaya, tu bethi dhol baja

You cooked sweet, while the soaked stove got cooking fire after much painstakingthen the dog came and ate it, and now you have nothing left but getting sad over

- Ameer Khusro, Hindustani (Local Indian Urdu or Hindi) Sufi Poetry

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