March 08, 2008


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A man who had belief in a religion fell in love for an athiest girl. The girl was not very beautiful. But things of opposite charges attract each other. The man was fascinated by the magic of her innocence mixed with her strangeness to him.

He sang a song:

" Sorry for disturbing you this late hour of night,
But I am feeling now some strange but strong emotions.
A good pain in deep chest.

I don't know why but I want to weep now.
Maybe it will help to make light my heart.

Why air is fresh and wet now..
and it is kissing on forehead and eyes and face and front of chest!
Why eyes drenched in strange mystic water or tears
Why everything is feeling sweet & strange..
Why mist fragrance in air..

Maybe it would last forever..

This is not a poem, but some mixed feelings of a seeker..
Goodnight again "

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A donkey met the man and asked him:
"Will you marry her ?
The man replied:
"It is not clear before me what shall I like or prefer to do in the future."
donkey said:
"is it a deceit with her? There is not deceit in love."
man replied:
"I also know this. But for the time being I have no way but love!"
donkey said:
"What have you said her?"
man replied:
" I have tried to satisfy her heart by quoting her a famous Chinese sentence that: It is not necessarily certain in fate that he who loves you the most will becomeyour husband in future, and it is also not certain that your future husbandwould be your true lover - they will be wed-bound with each other but with noattention for love which they are missing. So, if we may not be united inthis life, We will certainly in next incarnation! "

He stopped and took a long gasp and again said:
" But I even don't believe in the doctrine of Incarnation myself because of my specific religion. "
After saying this, the man started laughing lightlywith the air of hapless sorrow. Perhaps he was laughing at himself or his fate.

The donkey added a sentnce to man's talk:
"As an atheist,maybe she also might not have a belief in the Incarnation."

The talk ended. Both of their faces were looking content now.
Drink enough and this is how goblets start to look
"Drink enough and this is how goblets start to look"
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The master said:
" Love!, carry on loving. "

The man had some pigments of Sufism in his heart also. That's why he was disciple of a Sheikh the Sufi master.

the man said by singing:

" In the past, I loved the God,
but I forgot His Love again and again.
I forgot even the essence of Love,
and many times my heart numbed to be dead.

But whenever the love entered into my life,
as my past worldly love experiences:
whether answered orunrequited,
it always shook my heart to perceive the Real Love
and reminded me of The Real One,
So I loved,
to remove the darkness of my heart and the world.
I offer love and seek love,
and make every heart happy
This was my fulfillment. "
Drinking from the Pixie's Goblet
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A debaucher met him and said:
" I know that future of your relationship with her is quite obscure. Maybeyou may not be united. What for is this friendship? Are youwith her only to sleep with ? "

The man replied:
" No . I love her. I need her love only ! "
debaucher laughed:
" What is this! Makes no logic. "
The man sung his answer:
" I am a true goblet
not to be filled with the mere waters of meanness
And I,.. This empty goblet is darting around in the thrist for,
to be brimmed only with the true wine of love ! "
Pitter Patter Rain Drops!
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  1. something to think about ....beautiful

  2. ah, thanks. lets think all, and find peace and love in this world!