August 26, 2008

Few word for Ahmad Faraz

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نہ جانےہوگیا ہوں اِس قدر حساس میں کب سے فراز
کسی سے بات کرتا ہوں تو آنکھیں بھیگ جاتی ہیں

"Don't know since when have i become sensitive to such extent, Faraz
when i talk to someone, my eyes soak wet! "
- Faraz
بڑا اندھیرا تھا اُن کی راہوں میں اے دل فراز
میں اپنا گھر نہ جلاتا تو کیا کرتا
" much darkness was there in the ways which were leadng to their(=beloved's place?)(*1) place ways, Oh heart, Faraz
what else would i do, if i did not put my house on fire? "
- Faraz
اب کہ ہم بچھڑے تو شاید کبھی خوابوں میں ملیں
جس طرح سوکھے ہوئے پھول کتابوں میں ملیں
" now that if we may get separate, then perhap would be found in the dreams,
same as dry flowers are found in the books "
- Faraz
رات بڑی مشکل سے سُلایا ہے خود کو میں نے فراز
اپنی آنکھوں کو تیرے خواب کا لالچ دے کر

" last night, with much difficulty, I have made myself asleep, Faraz!
by enticing my eyes with the greed of your (beloved*2) dream "
- Faraz
*1: In urdu poetry tradition, 'plural' word is also used to show respect to individual. Such as english word, 'thou', 'thee'.
*2: urdu poetry tradition, there are many linguistic allusions which hide many meanings. Many poets point at Beloved God by using veil of words of simple wordly beloved etc. This can be found in Momin's poetry. We should not negate this possibility in Faraz's poetry too. God knows better!

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Ahamad Faraz, The last greatest poet of Urdu, (2008)

This great lover passed away last night.. his beloved might have come at his grave and she must have cried for some moment!

I went there. After seeing the grave, I returned to my place. My heart kept burning with pain and regret.. and then a dusty windstorm came.. and then light pitter patter.. and then little fast small rain came .. then it stopped within some minutes.. my dry country got soaked in some freshness.. and my heart felt much cooler after this rain!! May Allah mercy on the lovers' souls!

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