August 24, 2008

Bowl of Fresh Juice!!

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stop this frenzic run
for it gave you nothing
stop this habit
of delapidation
for it gave you the sadness

i know.. all these unrequited loves have shaken your heart like a ruined tavern!..
so leave it now..

turn to the Real One!
who is waiting for you since eterninty
take a sip of true vinaceous life
from the bowl of this True Saqi*, The thrist quencher..
Who is ready to finish all your thrists and frustrations!
standing over your head
every time ready
to pour the true juice of joy and drunkardness

take the bowl.. it is for free!!
and forget everything!

"Think Him!" This is the bowl!!

Saqi (Arabic/Urdu/Persian):
The host who offers and pours wine from funnel into your chalice
In Urdu & persian, poetry traditions, the word Saqi is taken to signify the beloved!


  1. Hi Tariq!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Your kind presence was greatly appreciated.

    You have a very interesting blog brother. Keep it up!

    Ya Haqq


  2. Thank you brother Cyrus. I am happy to see you here.

    Thank you for encouraging me. We all are drunkand of same Wine of Love. Your poetry is very beautiful, especially the poetry in which you 'asked the beloved to meet in dream'! very beautiful idea.

    May Allah bless you!