August 28, 2008

become my brother!!

A dream-like state
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i feel myself a stranger here
this place is ice-cold
and damp

i dont want to die
atleast in this heartless dampness

but i like to search a desert
which is full of love and warm with affinity
where you get no chance to cry like this
where no one let you go so silently or cold
where you can breathe in the peace
and can touch warm breeze
and warm chests
of deep coloured-skin brothers
whose big black faces and dangling lips
stretch when they become happy to see you
and their bright mild teeth come out to say 'a warm welcome'

the pink paleness in their eye-white is their humanity
the flickering small light in their eye-black is their hope

with stretched arms
in big pale and white robes

this tribe of love..
this caravan of belief
these people of God
are waiting for you!!

meet them!!

(c) afterwind

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