August 31, 2008

A wonder in the sky.. I also testify!

the name the sky, originally uploaded by sunnivoice.

That was the night of Holy Prophet Muhammad's (Peace Be Upon Him) Birth Celebration. There was a grand celebration taking place at that time in Lahore. I was also present in that celebration place amog the thousands of people in Iqbal Park (old name, Manto Park). In the main speaker referred to that beautiful wonder in the sky.. then we saw also found it in the sky.. The name of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was writen by clouds in the sky. I also remember, i think i am not mistaken, that there was not any other cloud in the sky except these 2 small clouds, which were making the name.. my memory is stil clear.. Allah!! We praise You.. and also praise Your Love for Your Last Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

I found the photo on internet, so i put it here, so that you people could also wet your eyes with the sweet love of The Last Prophet of Allah.

Note: The Text Style resembles the Diwani Style (Khatt-e-Diwani) of Arabic Language.

Ramazan Nights!

Evening Sky
Originally uploaded by williscreek

the month of meetings is approaching nearer
with wondrous nightly meetings
and burning sobs
drenched eyes
what else can be said?
in your regard

Oh, Honey!

Holiness.. purity..

Ice Blue, originally uploaded by furryscaly.
it gives peace
because it is blue
and white
and every good colour!

in short it is holy!

pure, neat, clean, peaceful and innocent
like love of God
like every pure thing

love is colourful thing
the essence of holiness makes it prefect

why not you make your love holy!

August 29, 2008

Stormy weather

Stormy weather, originally uploaded by funadium.

You had expected something that was already missing here!

At every new turn of life, we, against our wills, were hurled away by strong hands of fate, ego, situation, fuss.

our life goals were not set by us..

we have right to wish..
but we even don't have right to die..

as they say,
" Man proposes,
God disposes.. "

No new fuss!
I am silent! But still here


August 28, 2008

become my brother!!

A dream-like state
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i feel myself a stranger here
this place is ice-cold
and damp

i dont want to die
atleast in this heartless dampness

but i like to search a desert
which is full of love and warm with affinity
where you get no chance to cry like this
where no one let you go so silently or cold
where you can breathe in the peace
and can touch warm breeze
and warm chests
of deep coloured-skin brothers
whose big black faces and dangling lips
stretch when they become happy to see you
and their bright mild teeth come out to say 'a warm welcome'

the pink paleness in their eye-white is their humanity
the flickering small light in their eye-black is their hope

with stretched arms
in big pale and white robes

this tribe of love..
this caravan of belief
these people of God
are waiting for you!!

meet them!!

(c) afterwind

August 26, 2008

Few word for Ahmad Faraz

Photo: Ancient Mosque Friday Prayer uploaded by ungana

نہ جانےہوگیا ہوں اِس قدر حساس میں کب سے فراز
کسی سے بات کرتا ہوں تو آنکھیں بھیگ جاتی ہیں

"Don't know since when have i become sensitive to such extent, Faraz
when i talk to someone, my eyes soak wet! "
- Faraz
بڑا اندھیرا تھا اُن کی راہوں میں اے دل فراز
میں اپنا گھر نہ جلاتا تو کیا کرتا
" much darkness was there in the ways which were leadng to their(=beloved's place?)(*1) place ways, Oh heart, Faraz
what else would i do, if i did not put my house on fire? "
- Faraz
اب کہ ہم بچھڑے تو شاید کبھی خوابوں میں ملیں
جس طرح سوکھے ہوئے پھول کتابوں میں ملیں
" now that if we may get separate, then perhap would be found in the dreams,
same as dry flowers are found in the books "
- Faraz
رات بڑی مشکل سے سُلایا ہے خود کو میں نے فراز
اپنی آنکھوں کو تیرے خواب کا لالچ دے کر

" last night, with much difficulty, I have made myself asleep, Faraz!
by enticing my eyes with the greed of your (beloved*2) dream "
- Faraz
*1: In urdu poetry tradition, 'plural' word is also used to show respect to individual. Such as english word, 'thou', 'thee'.
*2: urdu poetry tradition, there are many linguistic allusions which hide many meanings. Many poets point at Beloved God by using veil of words of simple wordly beloved etc. This can be found in Momin's poetry. We should not negate this possibility in Faraz's poetry too. God knows better!

a by architectsami.
photo: a uploaded by architectsami

Ahamad Faraz, The last greatest poet of Urdu, (2008)

This great lover passed away last night.. his beloved might have come at his grave and she must have cried for some moment!

I went there. After seeing the grave, I returned to my place. My heart kept burning with pain and regret.. and then a dusty windstorm came.. and then light pitter patter.. and then little fast small rain came .. then it stopped within some minutes.. my dry country got soaked in some freshness.. and my heart felt much cooler after this rain!! May Allah mercy on the lovers' souls!

baby.... you are love!!

Kingston, originally uploaded by Richard M..
love is a holy bliss from God..!!

once love came to me
when i was sitting in a small evening street
and kissed lightly on my cheek
it seemed like a chubby small baby

i held him in my hands
then lifted him and then swirled around me
he laughed and laughed
in a very melodious tone
i played with him till many hours

then he stopped
in a silence
and then asked..
'can you feel love?'

i said..

'and now?'
saying this he ran away
and disappeared somewhere

since then..
'I can feel him!'

August 24, 2008

Bowl of Fresh Juice!!

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stop this frenzic run
for it gave you nothing
stop this habit
of delapidation
for it gave you the sadness

i know.. all these unrequited loves have shaken your heart like a ruined tavern!..
so leave it now..

turn to the Real One!
who is waiting for you since eterninty
take a sip of true vinaceous life
from the bowl of this True Saqi*, The thrist quencher..
Who is ready to finish all your thrists and frustrations!
standing over your head
every time ready
to pour the true juice of joy and drunkardness

take the bowl.. it is for free!!
and forget everything!

"Think Him!" This is the bowl!!

Saqi (Arabic/Urdu/Persian):
The host who offers and pours wine from funnel into your chalice
In Urdu & persian, poetry traditions, the word Saqi is taken to signify the beloved!

August 22, 2008

"Being": Questions & Answers

lonely child
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What is your name?
I.. I don't know. But I know that I am me
Are you sure?
Yeah. I think so!

Why do you think so..
because my heart tells so
why do you follow your heart?
because it tells the truth
because it is very close to me
because it satisfies me..
because it is my being or near to it!!
are you sure?
yes. I think so... .

what is heart?
i don't know...
your heart knows... learn from it!

August 21, 2008

starshine by Kidv2

Deep Space Window

Deep Space Window by

crazy colors during nighttime

crazy colors during nighttime by

August 20, 2008

Clear... !!!

Desert, originally uploaded by shenxy.

let the bird be flown
let the wind be stopped
let the sky become clear
let the eyes be filled with tears

and now
take a deep breath!

peace of this last moment...
in sha la*

in sha la:
inshallah (Arabic) : if the Will of God!

August 19, 2008

who looks at the trickling tears...

Kashgar, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

exhausted and disappointed, while trying to hide emotions,
she uttered a sudden deep sorrowful sigh..

and it hit on deep in his chest
and he lost the standing of his self,

he tasted the sweet ionic charged warmth of that sigh,
felt the love,
and lost everything..

and eyes left drenched in tears and
empty chest left with air of sorrowful craving

'will she come back...?' HaHa... human being sometimes becomes very strange and complex!!

have you seen any wandering darvish, singing this in the street...

"who looks at the trickling tears...!?
except the loving 'God' everywhere !!"

May Allah guide and protect us!

August 18, 2008

Love in the strange Wilderness!!

The people who
feel the freshness of night
and taste of true love
in the memory of True Beloved,
they should never
be afraid of strangeness
of new worlds, towns
and galaxies..

Because the true light of love
broadens their minds
and breath,
and fills their hearts with true ecstasy
and soul with fulfillment...

Oh.. Allah,
Give me the passion for celebrating these holy nights..
Come on..
I am ready to get bewitched!!

August 12, 2008


ghosts, originally uploaded by pgpdesign (paul).

Lover's eye is always full of love!!

when he sees the Beloved..
something breaks inside his chest!

nothing remained in his chest now
given to the Beloved the thing what was the best!