June 28, 2007

Why: Some Mystics fell in Wordly Love (ishq-e-majazi)?

different perspective
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There are examples that many mystics had fallen in love to someone in their earlier lives..
1. Did they tried to take refuge in the Love of God after failing to achieve their wordly love.. or
2. They were being prepared for high stages of True love or
3. Accident

you are right.. but still incomplete..

I tell you another side..
Have you ever seen a car..
yess, daily I see
What needs a car to move by?
but sometimes the car's engine gets dull (shades of oblivion)..
at this time, it needs a jerk, a physical push by hands.. which helps engine to heat up and it starts working again
car moves now with help of engine, with no more hand
this jerk's strenght was not equal to the engine but it was like it.. it was for it..
so, it caused it to come on it's way!

our soul is like a car..
and it needs to move upward..
for that it needs to a sincere heart..
which is like an engine and helps the soul to keep travelling towards it's true beloved

but, when our engine is not working.. (oblivious heart without sincerity)
we need a jerk/push which cause engine to work again..
this jerk is provided by the worldly love..
it gives a reviving heat to our engine..
it gives us a lovely feeling of delicacy and sincerity..
this is the time when the oblivious soul recalls again the ancient love..
and it starts loveing the ancient beloved.. who is the absolute truth!

the jerk of wordly love is nothing before the true ancient love..
car's original need is engine.. jerk is only for temporary cause
similarly the jerk is nothing..
it is only a reminder..
after the awakening, the soul forgets everything except the truth..
it needs not be caught up in 'jerk' anymore again..
it needs not 'drop' because it has found the ever forgotton ultimate real sea!

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what is the ancient love?
it is the eternal attribute of soul.. which it has forgotton..
it is said that..
at the time of creation of souls..
God gathered them and asked them"Alastu birabbikum" - Am I not your Lord? (Who is your Lord?)
by saying "qaala balaa..", they admitted that He is their God.
when they saw Him..
the Eternal Ultimate Beauty..
they fell in love for Him..
the real love for a True One!

but man forgot the love
the ancient feeling was hidden somewhere in some corner of heart of the soul
which he has forgotton
accidental wordly love may give a shock, a push or a jerk to the heart..enough to recall the ancient feeling .. the new feeling resembling the ancient one.. the ancient feeling is revived.. much matured and better than the newer feeling caused by he jerk.

give it a push which may help it to move
awaken your soul..
as hindu yogis say.. awaken your kundalini shakti.. to rise up to.. meet brahma, The Lord
similarly we say, "awaken your heart".. "the delicate emotion".. "the feeling of ecstacy"
love someone..

love someone..
love anyone..
even a tree!

if you love someone..
you will love every one,

if you love everyone,
you will love the True One!

Try to love..
even tentative..

June 26, 2007

Cure for grief..

sun through smoke, gash creek fire
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A lover told him, "do love!"
he asked, "why?"
lover, "because love makes us mature, it teaches us how to be sincere.. how to sacrify for others"
he asked, "i dont know how to fall in love"
lover, "i dont know also.."
love was sitting there, it said, "it comes by automatic!"

someone said "At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet"
and he was going to became a poet

time passed and,
He fell in love for a girl..
she left for the unknown world..
he could not sleep that night..
always weeping.. without sleeping
it got unbearable..
he asked, "I dont know if i could live without her!"

Murshid(mystic saint) told, "Time is the great medicine"
as the time passed, he started forgetting her..
because "forgetting things" is a good gift from the God..
it was getting bearable
he said, "I can live without her!"

A famous american quotation of Rose Kennedy (wife of J.P Kennedy):
'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree.
The wounds remain.
In time, the mind, protecting its sanity,
covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens.
But it is never gone.

"but sometime it is hard to forget some sad experience!!"
he said, "sometimes my past grief gets afresh
especially, when does I listen to sitar (music)!"
he said, "time is not an ultimate medicine" - "then what is the cure?"
Murshid was not there - I was silent - he was depressed..

love was sitting there, it said, "love!" -
"love for everything in this world"
make your senses filled with love..
make your eyes "love" for everyone..
see in love.. walk in love.. laugh in love.. love!

the space left by previous (unfulfilled/lost) love
can not be filled by time..
for the time is nothing.. but an illusion
the space left by love can only be re-filled by equivalent thing
and it must be the love
fill it with love..

"the love of everything shall lead you
to the love of the true one"

i asked, "what will be the next?"
love said, "eternity" - "plunge into his eternity"
i asked, "whom?"
love said, "The true one!"
i asked, "how to plunge?"
love said, "by losing yourself.. then, only he shall be there!"

as mansur al-Hallaj has said -
"Love is that you remain standing
In front of your Beloved
When you are stripped of all your attributes;
Then His attributes become your qualities.
Between me and You, there is only me.
Take away the me, so only You remain." (Mansur)

You glide between the heart and its casing as tears glide from the eyelid.
You dwell in my inwardness, in the depths of my heart, as souls dwell in
Nothing passes from rest to motion unless you move it in hidden ways, O new
moon. (Mansur) read more..

love him who shall never leave you!
you cant never be without him
put your hand in his hand
i asked, "does he has material hands"
love said, "no.."
"don't restrict" - "He is He", (relevent reading..)
as the Quran says that nothing is like Him.
He is the noor (light) of heavens and earth..
He can not be witnessed with mortal eyes
He can be experienced with a true heart,
let yourself fall into his being..
who's being is always surrounding you, everything
and whole of the universe
who's in you.. out you

The Qur'an says:
Wherever you turn your face, Allah's face is there. (Surah al-Baqarah, 2:115)
We are closer to you than yourselves. (Surah Qaf, 50-16)
He is the First and the Last (every thing begins from Him and ends at Him),
and the Manifest and the Hidden. (Surah al-Hadid, 57:3)

at that time you shall see him..
not with your own eyes.. but with his eyes
because there will be nothing except him
his eyes will be yours .. his hands be yours..

The Last Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has explained that the Almighty Allah has stated: "He who has caused enmity with My Wali (Friend), I give him declaration of war. Among those acts through which My slave achieves My closeness, the most beloved are the Fardh (Compulsory) acts. My slave also achieves My closeness through the Nafil (Optional) deeds, till I make him into My beloved. When he becomes My beloved, I become his ears through which he listens, his eyes through which he sees, his hands by which he holds, his feet by which he walks. When he pleads to Me for anything I definitely bestow it on him. When he seeks refuge in Me from any bad deed, then I definitely save him from it."(Sahih Bukhari)

I asked, "shall it need effort?"
love said, "just fall!"
just plunge into him
with a sincere heart

aah.. Allah, my God!

June 24, 2007


Quran, The Book of Allah
For everything on the earth is extinction.
And eternal is the Entity of your Lord, the Most Majestic and the Most Honourable. Quran - [55:26 & 55:27]
Sufi Poetry

chal chal geyaaN paNkhiyaaN, jehnaaN wasaaey Tal,
Farida, sar bharyaa vee chalsee, Tehkey kanNwal ikal

The birds (wordly men) who occupied the pond (world)
have flown away. Farid, the pond will also become dry
one day but the Lotus flower (The Lord) will still be
blooming there all alone forever.
[Poetry of Farid, a saint of Punjab]

Poetry source:

June 22, 2007

Nothing but God..

a/c guardian, originally uploaded by Shmaktyc ['∫mΛk-tus].

( Nothingness.. the feeling of nothingness comes over the lover..
he see nothing but beloved.. even he can't see himself too.. )


Thy Spirit is mingled in my spirit
even as wine is mingled with pure water.
When anything touches Thee,
it touches me.
Lo, in every case Thou art I!"

al-Hallaj, Kitab al-Tawasin, in The Mystics of Islam, by Reynold A Nicholson


When my Beloved appears, With what eye do I see Him? With His eye, not with mine, For none sees Him except Himself.

ibn al-`Arabi, Tarjuman al-Ashwaq, in The Mystics of Islam, translated by Reynold A Nicholson


I have two ways of loving You:
A selfish one
And another way that is worthy of You.
In my selfish love, I remember You and You alone.
In that other love, You lift the veil
And let me feast my eyes on Your Living Face.

Rabi´a al-Adawiyya. Doorkeeper of the heart:versions of Rabia. Trans. Charles Upton

The Dawn

Dawn, originally uploaded by [fish e y e].

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

O the contented soul!
Return towards your Lord – you being pleased with Him, and He pleased with you!
Then enter the ranks of My chosen bondmen!
And come into My Paradise!
(QURAN ~ Al-Fajr)

June 21, 2007

piousness & love

Water Painting, originally uploaded by isyamuddin.

Piousness and the path of love
are two different roads.
Love is the fire that burns both belief
and non-belief.
Those who practice Love have neither
religion nor caste.

Shaikh Abu Saeed Abil Kheir - "Nobody, Son of Nobody" - Vraje Abramian

June 20, 2007

Love Everyone..

Candid Black Child, originally uploaded by tureturillo.

Love can be with anyone
because there's beauty in everyone
there's is potential of love everywhere!

beauty is in everybody
beauty is in anyway
the matter is with us.. 'how we see the world!' - 'whom we do love!'

the heart has strings.. which sound but only for seldom
like sitar.. like waterfall, like ding of pendants of chandelier

.. everywhere is love
every where is beloved
Look.. look at Him!

June 16, 2007

Selflessness & service

"थिस Photo", originally uploaded by z doc.

Once a villager went to a Sheikh Sahib (Sufi) and asked him to give ma'rfa (knowledge of God)।
Sheikh asked, "In order to know Allah, you need to have some love within your heart. So first of all, tell me if you ever loved anyone"The villager replied: "No"Sheikh: "Have you ever loved any one.. even a little bit.. to your parents.. or household..?"Villager: "nope.. never I did"Sheikh: "O.K., Can you tell me if you care for someone.. even a bit of it?"Villager: "Yes, I do.. it is my buffalo "Sheikh: "It's O.K. but your time has not come. So, you go back to your village and serve your buffalo. You come back only if you think you have served it enough."

The villager departed and he served the buffalo for few months. Then he came again and knocked at the Sheikh's door. Sheikh's voice came outside, "who?". The villager replied, " It is the OWNER of buffalo". Again the voice of Sheikh came outside, "You go back and serve your buffalo. Your time has not come"

The villager departed again and he served the buffalo for many months. Then he came again and knocked at the Sheikh's door. Sheikh's voice came outside: "who?". The villager replied: " It is the SERVANT of buffalo"Again the voice of Sheikh came outside, "You go back and serve your buffalo. Your time has not come"

The villager departed and he served the buffalo for many years. He came again after many years and knocked at the Sheikh's door. He had gotten old and weak. Sheikh's weak voice came outside, "who?". The villager replied, "It is the BUFFALO has come"Sheikh's voice came outside, "Your time has come! , Come inside!"Villager: "Saain (Master)!, How do I enter. The small door does not allow me to enter with my big HORNS!". Sheikh himself came outside and embraced the villager.
The villager had served the buffalo so much that now he was thinking himself also a buffalo!
Baba Bulleh Shah, a Sufi poet (Tomb: Qasur, Pakistan) said:"Rememberib Ranjha day and nightI've become Ranjha myself.Call me Dhido Ranjha,No more I be addressed as Heer"[In the punjabi ancient folk story, "Heer" was a woman who was in love with a man "Ranjha". The Sufi poet resembles himself to Heer and says that just as Heer fell in love with Ranjha, similarly the poet has fallen in love to his Beloved God] (read more at www.apnaorg.com/poetry/bulleheng/)

The sheikh asked the villager,: "You served your buffalo so much that it become such dear to you that you fell in her love. She became the dearest thing to you in the whole of the world. It became the most beautiful thing for you, you've ever seen in the world! " The sheikh continued after a gasp "Now, tell me who made that buffalo?"
Villager replied: "God!".
Sheikh again continued: "The buffalo is so much beautiful and dear to you.. How much dear and loveable it's CREATOR would be.."
In this way the sheikh moved the villager's heart from the buffalo [CREATION - Ishq-e-majazi/worldy love] to God [CREATOR - Ishq-e-Haqeeqi/Real Love]. The villager fell in Love to God.

Gamble everything for love,
if you are a true human being.
~ Rumi

June 13, 2007

Hallaj's Poetry

says about God:

"Before" does not outstrip Him,

"after" does not interrupt Him

"of" does not vie with Him for precedence

"from" does not accord with Him

"to" does not join with Him

"in" does not inhabit Him

"when" does not stop Him

"if" does not consult with Him

"over" does not overshadow Him

"under" does not support Him

"opposite" does not face Him

"with" does not press Him

"behind" does not limit Him

"previous" does not display Him

"after" does not cause Him to pass away

"all" does not unite Him

"is" does not bring Him into being

"is not" does not deprive Him from Being.

Concealment does not veil Him

His pre-existence preceded time,

His being preceded non-being,

His eternity preceded limit.

If thou sayest 'when',

His existing has outstripped time;

If thou sayest 'before', before is after Him;

If thou sayest 'he', 'h' and 'e' are His creation;

If thou sayest 'how', His essence is veiled from

If thou sayest 'where', His being preceded space;

If thou sayest 'ipseity'
(ma huwa),

His ipseity (huwiwah)
is apart from things.

Other than He cannot

be qualified by two (opposite) qualities at

one time; yet With Him they do not create opposition.

He is hidden in His manifestation,

manifest in His concealing.

He is outward and inward,

near and far; and in this respect He is

removed beyond the resemblance of creation.

He acts without contact,

instructs without meeting,

guides without pointing.

Desires do not conflict with Him,

thoughts do not mingle with Him:

His essence is without qualification (takyeef),

His action without effort (takleef).

-Arthur John Arberry,
The Doctrine of the Sufis

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­If They Only Knew

What earth is this

so in want of you

they rise up on high

to seek you in heaven?

Look at them staring

at you

right before their eyes,

unseeing, unseeing, blind.

. . .

I was patient,

but can the heart

be patient of

its heart?

My spirit and yours

blend together

whether we are near one another

or far away.

I am you,


my being,

end of my desire.

The most intimate of secret thoughts


and fixed along the horizon

in folds of light.

How? The "how" is known

along the outside,

while the interior of beyond

to and for the heart of being.

Creatures perish

in the darkened

blind of quest,

knowing intimations.

Guessing and dreaming

they pursue the real,

faces turned toward the sky

whispering secrets to the heavens.

While the lord remains among them

in every turn of time

abiding in their every condition

every instant.

Never without him, they,

not for the blink of an eye --

if only they knew!

nor he for a moment without them.

Your spirit is mingled with mine

as wine is mixed with water;

whatever touches you touches me.

In all the stations of the soul you are I.

" For your sake, I hurry over land and water:

For your sake, I cross the desert and split the mountain in two,

And turn my face from all things,

Until the time I reach the place

Where I am alone with You."

Kill me, my faithful friends,

For in my being killed is my life.

Love is that you remain standing

In front of your Beloved

When you are stripped of all your attributes;

Then His attributes become your qualities.

Between me and You, there is only me.

Take away the me, so only You remain.

You glide between the heart and its casing as tears glide from the eyelid.

You dwell in my inwardness, in the depths of my heart, as souls dwell in

Nothing passes from rest to motion unless you move it in hidden ways, O new

I am the One whom I love, and the One whom I love is

We are two souls incarnated in one body;

if you see me, you see Him,

if you see Him, you see us.

- (Diwan al-Hallaj,
M. 34)

Before Al Hallaj was put to death he said:

Now stands no more between Truth and me

Or reasoned demonstration,

Or proof of revelation;

Now, brightly blazing full, Truth's lumination

Each flickering, lesser light.


ياويح روحي من روحي

لبيك، لبيك، ياسري ونجوائي *** لبيك، لبيك، ياقصدي ومعنائي

أدعوك بل أنت تدعوني إليك فهل *** ناديت إياك أم ناديت إيائي؟

ياعين عين وجودي يا مدى هممي *** يا منطقي وعباراتي وايمائي

يا كل كلي، يا سمعي ويا بصري *** يا جملتي وتباعيضي واجزائي«1»

يا كل كلي، وكل الكل ملتبس *** وكل كلك ملبوس بمعنائي

يا من به علقت روحي فقد تلفت *** وجداً فصرت رهينا تحت أهوائي

أبكي على شجني من فرقتي وطني *** طوعاً، ويسعدني بالنوح أعدائي

أدنو فيبعدني خوفي فيقلقني *** شوق تمكن في مكنون أحشائي

فكيف أصنع في رحب كلفت به؟ *** مولاي، قد مل من سقمي أطبائي«2»

قالوا تداو به منه ، فقلت لهم: *** يا قوم ، هل يتداوى الداء بالداء

حبي لمولاي أضناني وأسقمني *** فكيف أشكو الى مولاي مولائي

إني لأرمقه والقلب يعرفه *** فما يترجم عنه غير ايحائي

يا ويح روحي من روحي، فوا أسفي *** على مني فإني اصل بلوائي

كأنني غرق تبدو أنامله *** تغوثاً وهو في بحر من الماء

وليس يعلم ما لاقيت من أحد *** الا الذي حل مني في سويدائي

ذاك العليم بما لاقيت من دنف *** وفي مشيئته موتي وإحيائي

يا غاية السؤل والمأمول يا سكني *** ياعيش روحي، يا ديني ودنيائي

قل لي- فديتك- يا سمعي ويا بصري *** لم ذل اللجاجة في بعد واقصائي

إن كنت بالغيب عن عيني محتجباً *** فالقلب يرعاك في الإبعاد والنائي


العارفون صحبي

للعلم أهل وللإيمان ترتيب *** وللعلوم وأهليها تجاريب

والعلم علمان: منبوذ ومكتسب *** والبحر بحران: مركوب وموهوب

والدهر دهران: مذموم وممتدح *** والناس اثنان: ممنوح ومسلوب

فاسمع بقلبك ما يأتيك عن ثقة *** وانظر بفهمك فالتمييز مرهوب

إني ارتقيت الى طود بلا قدم *** له مراق على غيري مصاعيب«4»

وخضت بحراً ولم يرسب به قدمي *** خاظته روحي وقلبي منه مرغوب

حصباؤه جوهر لم تدن منه يد *** لكنه بيد الافهام منهوب

شربت من مائه ريا بغير فم *** والماء قد كان بالأفواه مشروب

لأن روحي قديماً فيه قد عطشت *** والجسم ما مسه من قبل تركيب

اني يتيم ولي آب الوذ به *** قلبي لغيبته ما عشت مكروب«5»

أعمى بصير، وإني ابله فطن *** ولي كلام، إذا ما شئت مقلوب

وفتية عرفوا ما قد عرفت فهم *** صحبي ومن يحظ بالخيرات مصحوب

تعارفت في قديم الذر انفسهم *** فأشرقت شمسهم والدهر غريب«6»


سر السرائر

سرالسرائر مطوي بإثبات *** في جانب الأفق من نور،بطيات

فكيف والكيف معروف بظاهره *** فالغيب باطنه للذات بالذات«7»

تاه الخلائق في عمياء مظلمة *** قصدا ولم يعرفو غير الاشارات

بالظن والوهم نحو الحق مطلبهم *** نحو السماءيناجون السماوات

والرب بينهم في كل منقلب *** محل حالاتهم في كل ساعات

وما خلوا منه طرف العين- لو علموا- **** وماخلا منهم في كل أوقات


والله لو حلف العشاق أنهم *** موتى من الحب أو قتلى لما حنثوا«8»

قوم إذا هجروا من بعد ما وصلوا *** ماتوا، وإن عاد وصل بعده

ترى المحبين صرعى في ديارهم *** كفتية الكهف، لا يدرون كم لبثوا«10»


ردو على فؤادي


أنتم ملكتم فؤادي *** فهمت في كل واد

ردوا علي فؤادي *** فقد عدمت رقادي

أنا غريب وحيد *** بكم يطول انفرادي

أنا سقيم عليل *** فدوائي بدواك

أجري حشاشة نفسي *** في سفن بحر رضاك

أنا حبيس فقل لي: *** متى يكون الفكاك؟

حتى يظاهر روحي *** ما مضها من جفاك

طوبى لعين محب *** حبوتها من رؤاك

وليس في القلب واللـ ***ــب موضع لسواك


حال الدنيا

دنيا تخادعني كأنني ***لست أعرف حالها

حظر الإله حرامها ***وأنا اجتنبت حلالها

مدت الي يمينها ***فرددتها وشمالها

ورأيتها محتاجة ***فوهبت جملتها لها

ومتى عرفت وصالها ***حتى أخاف ملالها

June 12, 2007

First Post

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