January 28, 2008

Two Options.. !!

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Two Options.. !!

Once a Sufi master said two options to his student.
"Let me know about what you want to be, lover or beloved!".

The student could not decide so he asked to let him go to his mother to seek her advice. The Sufi permitted and he went.


In way to home he came across a mad beggar on the street,
who asked: "Why are you looking in so much hurry"

The student told him about the options and going back for getting advice.

Beggar said: "Well. Go and seek your mother's advice. But while returning to the teacher, do not forget getting my advice too !"


The student's mother was a clever woman and she knew well about the hardships of lovers. So she said:
"It is very difficult and painful in being a lover, but it is very easy and has a beautiful feeling if you become beloved of others" She continued, "I advice you to chose to be beloved. "

After getting advice he went away to see his Sufi teacher.


The student recalled about the beggar's talk on his way. He reached his place but beggar was absent. He asked a passer-by about the mad beggar.

The passer-by said:
"I saw him on that other place. He was being led there and tormented by children, who were teasing him and hurling stones at him. "

The student reached the specified place and met beggar. The miserable beggar was sitting on the dust and his clothes had been torn off.


The beggar laughed and said:
"Your mother was right. Do you want to see the state of a lover..? , LOOK AT ME !"



January 24, 2008


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Islamic traditions talk a about 'Isme Azam' (The Greatest name of God). Prayers are certainly accepted if blended in rendition of this Name. There is a Sufi story i heard:

Once a man in search of 'Isme Azam' asked his Sufi master. The Sufi Shaikh directed him to go to some city main gate and meet an old man at specific time. The aspirant naive man reached the prescribed location at the specific time. There an old man appeared along with his wood-loaded donkey. He approached the city main gate and asked the city guard to permit his entrance into city. The guard slapped and abused the old man, who did nothing in reaction.

The naive Sufi approached the old man and asked, "Are you the same old man, who knows 'Isme Azam' ?"
"Yeah, I am. ", replied the old man.
Young man: "Then why not you punished that guard over that wrong?"

Old man: "If you were in my position, what would you do?"
Young man: "I would have burnt him"

"That's why you do not have knowledge of 'Isme Azam', " said old man and proceeded inside the city.



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January 21, 2008


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you left in the may, i wept in the june..
come back soon !

Separation is unbearable..
and all the june is to pass..
& all that memories,
silent cravings about to faint away !
but who comes back with a smile !
Fie on you, oh' miserable heart !

(c) afterwind


The Answer

We wrote a hundred letters, and you did not write an answer.
This, too, is a reply. - Zauqi

(Text Source: from Book "The Way Of The Sufi" by Idries Shah)


Respect and Separation

A bird got mad in the love of moon,
the moon lived on the sea surface, and bird in nest,
the bird was red, and the moon white,
once the bird could not control, and flew towards the moon to meet him,
the moon set in the sea,
the bird plunged after it into the sea, and drowned !

Meeting is an urge, a provocation
Separation is respect, respect is separation

(c) afterwind


Pain of Separation

You pull stretch out the strings of my chest,
from the right.. from the left
as if it is your instrument
and you are playing new melodies over it, not known to me before
why you are doing this to me !!? Why !!!

Sometimes you seems to be in moon, and sometimes in stars
sometimes in flower, sometimes in dew drop
i am chasing you or you are chasing me?
why you are doing this to me !!? Why !!!

Do you remember the june, when the bulbul wept for you,
when you made her life a hell, but sweet like heaven,
Neither you came, nor you go,
why are you doing so !!? Why !!!

Oh' my miserable heart, come back into me
he will come after the knock, if he will come
why you are waiting for him out on the cold street
come back inside, come back to sleep,
why you are doing this to me !!? Why !!!

(c) afterwind


January 19, 2008

love again

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I looked at a star and fell in love for it
because it was shimmering like a sun
after some time the star faded and lost it's charm
because something had left it
and then they forgot it !

now no one cares for the new face of that star..
but sometimes they stop again and yearn and weep, when they recall it's old beauty
.. which had once kept them insane!

They saw a tree of green leaves with colourful birds.
They stopped and again fell in love for it
and then, spring went away.. and the tree faded,
because something had left it

Now, whenever i pass that tree on my way..
it has no effect.. as usual..
but i still love it's old charm!

like this, we crossed rivers, flowers and dew drop..
and loved and forgot..

why the birds, stars, trees had been able to make them insane for a short while..
because of somethings !!
what was something?
Your something.. or.. "Yours Beauty" !

Why you did this to us !



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Love Again.. !

Come.. & again
Let me fall in your love !
let these eyes fill of tears like that whole last dry summer..
and let everything stop around us..
with dry leaves stopped in the air
let the heart be broken again
again and again,
let me fall in your love !


January 06, 2008


In severe winter night
near 4 a.m.
when it drizzled outside
and cold decreased
and a fresh reliving air
entered my lukeworm room
through the window pane leak
and bumped on the door lightly

some tears shed of my eyes
freshness entered into my nostrils
and set my mind free
I remembered you again
as i did in the past or more better
as if thou had come back thyself

~ + ~

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